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Чистокровная испанская порода Помесь Жеребец 6 Года / лет 165 cm Каштановая
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PRE Stallion

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Из Испании барокко лошадей гонки Андалузии, который на самом деле называется Pura Raza Española, коротко PRE, во всем мире, как считается, благородный, widerstandsfähgig, храбрый и ориентированная на людей. Имя андалузской применяется к лошадям с иностранными пересечения чистокровные или аравийской ... Подробнее о породе лошадей Чистокровная испанская порода
Чистокровная испанская порода
Полукровная лошадь, Помесь
6 Года / лет
165 cm


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Hengst vom Gestüt Marques De Velillia 
Erstaunliche Zuchtlinien.
Seit Ende letzten Jahres in den Grundlagen gefahren. 
Very well bred PRE stallion with a Brand you don’t see nowadays.

6 years old
165cm approximately 

He was the very last horse to be sold and leave from the stud Marques de Velilla in Marbella before closing. He has been with me for 5 years. 

Very elegant horse, has a presence about him. 

He enjoys a rider who is light kind yet firm. Not a strong bossy pushy rider. He has been under saddle for one year and his training is according to that level. He is trained at a professional yard and has the utmost best care daily. 

Son of qualified stallion Cartujano XLVIII one of the most recognized stallions worldwide. You just have to see his track record to see what his career has been in competitions. Among the most outstanding awards, he has managed to be Champion of Spain in colts, absolute Champion of Spain of the best movements and Champion of Andalusia of the Breed, in addition to countless medals in all the competitions where he has appeared. He is a physical wonder, with a height of 1.72 m, a fantastic structure, and some very brilliant movements.

On his mothers side with her Brand also Marques de Velilla. This Baroque mare boasts lineage of Majestuoso by Deco, Respiro by Favorito XX which are all horses who have proven themselves.

This horse looks for his new person! A basic video is available of him. More at request.
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Semental de la yeguada Marques De Velillia 
Increíbles líneas de cría.
165cm aprox
6 años
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Étalon du haras Marques De Velillia 
Des lignées d’élevage étonnantes.
165cm aprox
6 ans
Pieds nus
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Zeer goed gefokte PRE hengst

6 jaar oud
165cm ongeveer 

Hij was het allerlaatste paard dat verkocht werd van de stoeterij Marques de Velilla in Marbella voor de sluiting. 

Zeer elegant paard, heeft een aanwezigheid over hem. 

Hij geniet van een renner die licht van aardig en toch stevig is. Geen sterke bazige opdringerige renner. Hij zit al een jaar onder het zadel en zijn opleiding is volgens dat niveau. Hij is opgeleid op een professionele werf en heeft dagelijks de beste zorg. 

Dit paard gaat op zoek naar zijn nieuwe persoon! Er is een basisvideo van hem beschikbaar. Meer op aanvraag.
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Bardzo dobrze wyhodowany ogier PRE

6 lat
165cm w przybliżeniu 

Był ostatnim koniem sprzedanym ze stadniny Marques de Velilla w Marbelli przed zamknięciem. 

Bardzo elegancki koń, ma wokół siebie obecność. 

Lubi jeźdźca, który jest lekki, miły, ale stanowczy. Nie jest silnym, apodyktycznym, natrętnym jeźdźcem. Od roku jest pod siodłem i jego trening jest zgodny z tym poziomem. Jest przeszkolony na profesjonalnym podwórku i codziennie ma najlepszą opiekę. 

Ten koń szuka swojej nowej osoby! Dostępny jest podstawowy film z nim. Więcej na życzenie.




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Sarah Anthony
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Дополнительная информация

My name is Sarah and I grew up on a farm in a rural area just outside of Pretoria, South Africa. 

I thrived on having lessons, pony camps and competing on those wonderful school ponies! Gee, do they put up with a lot! 

My parents couldn’t afford to buy me a big expensive horse, so once I could hold my own, they bought me a green youngster to train, (with the help of my instructor of course) and grow with.

There were lots of ups and downs, broken bones and prize ribbons. I gained a lifelong friend and experiences. 

Horses have been a fundamental part of my life. And I wish for them to continue to be so. 

I now live in the South of Spain. I have a small PRE breeding farm, also buying, training and selling sometimes. Mostly with 15-20 horses, always looking to expand when circumstances permit. 

I am also helping people find a horse or pony to take home. If I don’t have one how you are looking for, I go out to find it for you. This is something I thoroughly enjoy, sometimes wandering out into the middle of nowhere and finding a gem! 

Whether you are looking for a happy hacking horse or a dressage prospect, I hope that I can help you along your journey!

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