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Квортерхорс Мерин 14 Года / лет 160 cm Буланая масть
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LOT 129: MVR Doc Bar Dude AQHA 2008 Buckskin Gelding

Тип объявления: Аукционная лошадь
Номер объявления: 3435183
Дата размещения объявления: 22.11.2022
Pекламный призыв: 190
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Американская квартальная лошадь, также называемый квартальная лошадь, которая возникла в Соединенных Штатах Америки и является наиболее распространенные породы лошади в мире. О есть зарегистрированные квартальные лошади 4,6 миллиона человек во всем мире. Порода возникла в XVII веке, когда богатый пл ... Подробнее о породе лошадей Квортерхорс
Полукровная лошадь
14 Года / лет
160 cm
Буланая масть


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LOT 129: MVR Doc Bar Dude is available on Professional Horse Services 2022 December Internet Auction

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Gorgeous 14 y/o, 15.3+HH (but don't fret, he'll pick you up off the fence ;)), Buckskin AQHA Gelding that is Fun as Heck & Smooth As Butter to Ride!!!

Ranch Horse Extraordinaire, Heads, Runs Barrels, Blazes New Trails, Mountain Adventurist & is a Pick-Up or Western Dressage Prospect Deluxe.

This gelding is a reliable one-man doctoring partner. You will never get out-run, he will never run by one, he is strong on the horn, he has enough cow savvy AND you won't have a smoother riding horse in your string. He will cover ground at a comfortable walk or smooth long trot. He is a BIG mover and built to ride all day!

You can take him to town to head some steers and run some barrels or just lope a million circles without him asking why. You can take him to the mountains for a leisurely holiday on horseback or just go blaze some new trails with the neighbors - he isn't fussy and you are sure to have tons of fun no matter what the task at hand. He stays broke, is trustworthy, patient, predictable and it don't matter if you ride once a day or once a year - he is the same horse.

You don't need a faster horse and you sure as heck won't find a better big country horse but he is also happy being dotted on and just being a pleasure mount but his lope is strong and he stretches right out so he may scare a beginner at a lope out in the open (a beginner could confidently lope him around in a controlled environment no prob).

This gelding will lay it all out there for you or just plod around, the choice is yours. He is the purest example of a using horse but can also dial it down. He is versatile, talented, hasn't ever had the legs rode off him, was never mistreated and is basically a 1 owner horse that should last for yrs and yrs to come.

No vices, no soundness or health issues, no maintenance, not herd bound nor barn sour & is ready to ride. The only days he ever missed from work were due to a tooth abscess otherwise he has never missed a day of work due to health, injury or otherwise. He is clean legged (no splints or wind puffs) and perfect footed - ride him bare or shod. He has a wonderful wither, is correct/straight in every way and has no had no injections ever. ||He does not halter pull, crib or wind suck and he is perfect to saddle, bridle and mount (from the ground, mounting block, fence or anything else you can find to use to crawl up on him). He may paw if he is the last one on the trailer but he hasn't been hauled 5% of what other horses his age and experience have been (he spent his life on the ranch where he lived since he was weaned). He rides single, double and bareback. He does not kick, bite, buck, rear or bolt (if you ask him to go with authority - his acceleration will feel like a bolt - he is just that fast lol). He is between the middle and the top of the herd. He is hobble and electric fence broke.

This super gelding sells with recent coggins, international health certificate, usda vet form, broker paid and delivery to Sweet Grass, MT to meet buyer or hauler. Recently dewormed and vaccinated as well. Further hauling is avail to buyer from us but it will be at the buyers expense. Call or text 403-601-4276, we are more than happy to answer any and all questions.


Sweet Grass, Montana 59484


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