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Лошадь породы Spotted Saddle Мерин 13 Года / лет 152 cm Вороная лошадь
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Gentle Spotted Saddle Gelding

Тип объявления: Аукционная лошадь
Номер объявления: 3294492
Дата размещения объявления: 04.08.2022
Pекламный призыв: 236
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Пятнистая лошадь седла является не скачки в истинном смысле, но разводить направление, специализирующийся в распоряжении снаряжение и красивых наследование Пинто. Этот разводить не зависит от породы или определенного этнического происхождения. Это приводит к сильной разницы лошадей, которые из-за их ... Подробнее о породе лошадей Лошадь породы Spotted Saddle
Лошадь породы Spotted Saddle
Полукровная лошадь
13 Года / лет
152 cm
Вороная лошадь


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Granny and Family Approved
…Rooster is a handsome and flashy 13 year old, Spotted Saddle Gelding. Rooster stands at 15 hands is good boned and stout made. This gelding is everything but plain! He is easy on the eye, and an absolute dream on the trails! Rooster will go over all types of obstacles, up and down hollers and cross water with ease . He has been ridden extensively by his prior owners and then us all over the U.S. They raised him since he was 2 years old but had to let him go due to health issues. My 12 year old daughter has been riding him all over the place and having a great time with him.
On the ground Rooster stands to be groomed, bathed, saddled, and mounted whether from the ground or a mounting block. He loads and unloads easily, stands tied, and is an easy keeper. Rooster has seen many miles of trails and takes everything in stride. He has been on many, many camping trips and pickets well overnight. He is 100% traffic safe. This handsome fellow would be perfect for anyone wanting a true Cadillac of a horse. 
This spotted boy has a great personality and is very easy to get along with. He will be the same horse every day, whether it’s been a day or several months since his last ride!
Rooster is UTD on shoeing, but does not have to be shod. He is 100% sound and has no bad habits. If you’re looking for a gelding who is beautiful, showy and smooth Rooster is made for you.


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Brooksville KY 41004
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