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Миссурийский фокстроттер Мерин 15 Года / лет 152 cm Ярко-рыжая
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Миссури Фокс Троттер является скорость лошади породы из Соединенных Штатов, который имеет естественное, врожденные качества, конечно. На плато Озарк он был нанят поселенцев как Рабочая лошадка. Начиная с середины 20-го века порода имеет ГПК. Порода была создана путем скрещивания лошадей Морганы, чис ... Подробнее о породе лошадей Миссурийский фокстроттер
Миссурийский фокстроттер
Полукровная лошадь
15 Года / лет
152 cm


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Place your bid at PlatinumEquineAuction dot com
Auction ends October 2nd
$3500 Starting bid
Houston is a stocky built, 15hh, 14 yr old, Red Roan Gelding! Houston came to us from a family in Virginia. He has been a family type horse that has been ridden by every member of the family although he has mostly been the dad’s trail boss horse that led the pack along the trail rides. Houston has been to lots of local fun shows in all sorts of classes from the “catch your horse race”, to being ridden double the baby bottle contest, musical feed sacks, the balloon pop, egg and spoon class, and the water glass class. He has saw it all from babies in strollers, to kids with balloons, flags flying in the air, kids running around… On the trail or around the rail, nothing bothers him! Houston is easy to catch, clip, bath, tack-up, load, and handle. He walks slow and easy but will move out when asked. He has a smooth 4-beat gait that anyone will enjoy. On the trails he is always great! Houston has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. He has been rode many miles in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and encountered every obstacle possible on the trail. He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure footed. He has been rode in traffic, and is very traffic safe around cars, semi, log, and dump trucks. He has a great personality and a great attitude about whatever he is asked to do. HOUSTON we have NO problems!!! Feel free to call Trevor with any questions 606-516-8069. Located in Whitley City, KY.
Place your bid at PlatinumEquineAuction dot com
Auction ends October 2nd
$3500 Starting bid


Whitley City KY 42653


Platinum Equine Auction
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