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Першерон Мерин 4 Года / лет 165 cm Вороная лошадь
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Percheron — порода ломовая лошадь, которая имеет свое начало в регионе Перш во Франции. Он впервые был воспитан как лошадь войны, но оказалось, быстро что он был хорошо использовать также в стране. Аффилированных кобыл и жеребцов породы в Соединенных Штатах и Англии были водить в последующие годы, г ... Подробнее о породе лошадей Першерон
4 Года / лет
165 cm
Вороная лошадь


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Place your bid at PlatinumEquineAuction dot com
Auction ends July 3rd
$3500 Starting bid
SLEEK, SHINY, and BLACK….these are some of the awesome traits of Oakley! Oakley is not only stunning to look at, but he stands 16.1 hands tall, and is a gentle giant. Oakley is only 4 years old and has his whole life ahead of him to spend with someone . In or out of the arena this gelding is willing to try everything. Oakley will go absolutely everywhere you point him without any hesitation. Oakley steps over any obstacle out on the trail and crosses water like a champ. Oakley has been ridden all over the Fort Worth Stockyards and turned heads everywhere he went. Oakley is the type of gelding that you want standing in your barn! Oakley has the smoothest lope and transitions between his gates effortlessly. Oakley is the first one to meet you at the gate to be caught and will put his head right in the halter. All the kids love Oakley because they can give him all the attention in the world and he adores it. Any job you would like to accomplish Oakley is always up to the task! Oakley loads/un loads in the trailer with ease and stands tied up all day like a saint. Oakley is very good for the farrier and loves to be bathed! This gelding is truly special.
If you’re in the market for a FANCY draft cross gelding, look no further than Oakley!!
If you have any questions, concerns, and/or would like to set up an appointment to come try Stanley for yourself, please call or text us. If you have any questions regarding transport, please reach out! We are more than happy to assist in setting up dependable shipping, no matter where you are. We work side by side with numerous SAFE, tried and true, reliable, affordable transporters, so you can have complete peace of mind knowing your new best friend will safely arrive at your doorstep!!
**Please call/text us at 817-789-8072 for more information.
Place your bid at PlatinumEquineAuction dot com
Auction ends July 3rd
$3500 Starting bid


Joshua TX 76058


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