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Теннесийская прогулочная лошадь Мерин 3 Года / лет 147 cm Серая в яблоки
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Flashy Dappled Grey Tennessee Walking Gaited Trail Gelding

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Теннесси гуляя лошадь является скорость лошади породы, которая разводится в Соединенных Штатах. Теннесси выгула лошадей являются потомками «Черный Аллан» жеребец, который жил около ста лет назад. Плантации владельцы хотели лошадь комфортабельные, с которой они могли бы легко ездить их владение в то ... Подробнее о породе лошадей Теннесийская прогулочная лошадь
Теннесийская прогулочная лошадь
Полукровная лошадь
3 Года / лет
147 cm
Серая в яблоки


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I would like you all to meet one of my favorite little guys, Silver!! Silver is a gorgeous 3-year-old 14.2hh Dapple Grey TWH gelding. We have had Silver for the last several months and have done a little bit of everything with him. From arena work through the week to Friday night fun shows and trail riding the rest of the weekend, Silver has gotten a lot of experience under his belt. We have used him around the farm a lot as well, checking fences and cattle. Silver is extremely friendly and has that puppy dog personality. He is easy to catch and loves to be loved and groomed on. He has perfect cross-tie manners. He is very easy to clip, bathe, and great for the farrier. He stands to be saddled, bridled, and always stands dead still to be mounted. Silver is very easygoing and will always walk along slow and easy until you ask him to move out. Silver is very good-gaited!! He has a very smooth-running walk and rack that you can easily ride all day. He also has a very smooth canter! Silver is very easy to ride. You can ride if you can sit on and guide him. I think he would make a great youth horse because he is forgiving and easy. Our kids have ridden him several times and love him. He will ride one-handed, has a great woah, and backs easily. Silver is very confident and will ride out with or without a buddy. He rides anywhere in a group as well. No barn or buddy sourness. He will go up, down, or through anything, you may come to. He easily crosses all types of water, slippery rocks, and fallen trees. He is excellent around livestock and wildlife and is traffic and ATV safe. If you are looking for that horse for the whole family for years to come, you don’t want to miss out on Silver. Please feel free to call or text me anytime with questions and set up a time to see Silver for yourself.


Mount Vernon KY 40456


Rogersville MO 65742
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